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Virtual coding classes for kids taught by expert tutors. 1-hour classes/week. ₦15,000 – ₦20,000 per course. Each program session runs for 6-8 classes.

Introduction to Coding using Scratch

scratch for kids


Description: In this course, kids will learn the basics of Scratch and use it to create animations, stories, games, and music! They would join 1-hour classes once a week led by an expert tutor. 
Concepts: Instructions, Sequencing, Loops, Conditions, Events

What kids will learn

  • Students will be introduced to Programming, also known as Coding, which is basically giving instructions to a machine. For this course, they will use a tool known as Scratch which is a visual programming language for building fun apps
  • Students will learn about sequencing of instructions and how to create programs that respond to various events
  • Students will learn how to use loops to repeat instructions continuously or for a number of times
  • Students will learn how to create simple games, stories, and animations e.g. moving characters around a stage, working with sounds and music, conversation between characters
  • Students will learn about conditions (e.g. if-then-else) and use these to alter the flow of a program
  • Students will learn how to create programs that respond to external events e.g. controlling a character using the mouse pointer


  • A laptop or tablet with an Internet connection.
  • No previous coding experience is needed.

Sample Project

Penalty shoot game in Scratch
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* Our courses are for kids between 6 and 18 years
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