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Why Coding for kids?

We live in a world where Technology has eaten up every part of our lives. Even kids are not left out with many of them being more tech-savvy than their parents. Wouldn’t it be great if your children are not just consumers of Technology but also creators? By learning how to code, they can be just that!

Coding involves giving instructions to a computer to do something. With Coding, kids can create games, make animations, build apps, and so much more. Moreover, Coding is one of the ways kids can build 21st-century skills such as Creativity, Critical thinking, and Problem-solving.

earlySTEMer is Nigeria’s #1 Online Coding Platform for kids. Our FREE Coding Fundamentals course provides a very simple introduction to the world of coding for kids as young as 6 years old. They would learn concepts such as instructions, sequencing, and loops.

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free coding course for kids

Looking for instructor-led learning options? You can book one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions or your child can join our Virtual Group Classes taught by expert tutors.

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