Practical STEM Skills for Kids

Coding. Web design. Robotics.

introduction to robotics
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Kids learn online at their own time and at their own pace. Our courses follow a “learning by doing” approach where all lessons are followed by interactive and practical projects for the kids to work on. This not only builds their technical skills; it helps build soft skills like creativity and critical thinking.

We know kids are “little adults” with varying interests; so if your child wants to build their dream game, make a stylish website, or even control their own robots, we are there to guide them.

self-paced coding for kids
self-paced coding for kids

Tracked Progress

We closely follow every step of your child’s learning process through our graded projects, quizzes, and activity monitoring.

Human tutors review project submissions to make sure the project was done correctly. This allows us to determine the child’s understanding of the lesson and provide guidance as necessary.

Certificates of Completion are also issued after every course growing to become a stack of bragging rights.


Knowing that every child needs guidance and wanting to make our platform as stress-free for parents as possible, we make sure that kids have access to experienced human tutors on our platform.

Not only do our tutors grade submitted projects, but they are also available to guide kids through any challenge they may be facing with their learning. Our tutors go over and beyond to make sure understanding is achieved – even as far as video calls with screen sharing!

Access for 30 days
  • Ideal for short-term learning
  • Family discounts not available
  • Tutor support
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Access for 90 days
  • Short to medium-term learning
  • Discounts on 3 kids or more
  • Tutor support
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