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Lesson 1 Project - Penalty Shoot v1.1

In this project, you will create a soccer penalty shoot scene in Scratch.

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Sample Project

Press the GREEN FLAG to run the project. Note that this project does not have any animation.

Follow the instructions in this area to build your own project.

Step 1

Delete the cat sprite

To delete a sprite, right-click on it and select delete:

Step 2

Add the "Soccer" backdrop

To add a new backdrop, click the “Choose a Backdrop” Icon:

You can then search or browse for the backdrop you want:

Step 3

  • Add the "Soccer Ball" sprite
  • Reduce the size of the "Soccer ball" to 50 and place it on the penalty mark

To add a new sprite, click the “Choose a Sprite” icon and then select the sprite you want from the library:

You can reduce the size of a sprite by changing the value of the “Size” field:

Step 4

  • Add the "Ben" or "Jordyn" sprite
  • Place the "Ben" or "Jordyn" sprite near the "Soccer Ball" like they are kicking the ball

Step 5

  • Add the "Goalie" sprite
  • Place the "Goalie" sprite on the goal line


You are done!

You don't need to submit your project but you can download your project code if you want. Before downloading, you can change the name of your project to "Penalty Shoot".

Note: To open your project on your computer, you will need to download and install Scratch 3.0 Offline Editor. You can get it by clicking HERE.