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Lesson 1 Project - Identify Problems

There are problems all around us waiting to be solved. Designing and building applications (apps) is one of the ways we can solve the problems around us, especially in this digital age.

In this project, you will be identifying the problems around you that need to be solved. Here is a guide to get you going:

      • Start with problems you have faced personally
      • Look at problems within your immediate environment e.g. your family, your community, your school, your church, etc.
      • Focus on different sectors/areas e.g. Education, Health, Politics, Agriculture, Climate, Energy/Power, Financial Services, Entertainment, etc.

For this project, you will identify five (5) problems in different areas. For each problem, you will specify the following:

  1. The name of the problem
  2. The sector/area in which the problem belongs
  3. A short description of the problem

Note: The best problems to solve are the ones you have personally experienced yourself. However, this is not always the case which means you will have to do a lot of research into the problem to understand it.

Here is an example based on another student’s project:

Name of Problem: Difficult subjects
Sector of Problem: Education
Short description of Problem: Students in schools can sometimes find some subjects difficult to understand which will affect their grades and academic performance. This can also lead to low self-esteem in the students as they feel they are not good enough.