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Practical STEM Skills

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Want your kids to learn STEM skills but don't know where to start? Or it just isn't convenient to take them to a STEM club every weekend? Why not enroll them on earlySTEMer where they:

  • Learn STEM skills such as Coding, Web design, and Robotics completely online
  • Work on and submit projects that will be graded
  • Have live one-on-one tutoring sessions when they need help

Our courses are self-paced which means that kids can determine how fast they want to go, all from the comfort of their home.

Our story

Back in 2016, a year after the birth of my first child, I thought about what Nigeria holds for her future. I wasn’t pleased with the answer. The Education sector was crippled by outdated curriculum, lack of practical skills, inadequate teacher skills, scarce opportunities, and so on. This, coupled with the fact that Nigeria had placed too much emphasis on Crude Oil at the expense of other sectors like Technology, made me decide to do something about it. I started a Computer Networking Club in a Secondary School and seeing the need to reach more children, earlySTEMer was born.
Adeolu Owokade Founder, earlySTEMer

Our Vision

To provide the African child with access to quality STEM Education

Our Mission

To grow technological interest in students through practical training